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 3. February 9 Links
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February 9
National Bagels and Lox Day


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National Bagels Lox Day February 9 "February 9"

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February 9
Birthday Gift Ideas

Our store at supplies geeky gifts for your February 9 birthdays and special occassions.

We have designs describing up to six historical events or celebrations for February 9. Each design is printed on six products, from mug, to t-shirts and tote bag. Click a description below to research that event. Click in the right column to see specific product page.

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February 9
National Bagels and Lox Day
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February 9
The English Parliament declared Massachusetts to be in a state of rebellion today in 1775, following more than a decade of colonial resistance against English imposition of the Sugar Act (1764), Currency Act (1764), Stamp Act (1765), Quartering Act (1765, 1774), Townshend Acts (1767), Tea Act (1773), and Intolerable Acts (1774).
  MugInfant CreeperKids T-shirt
Value T-shirtWomen's TTote Bag
February 9
Toothache Day Feast day of St. Apollonia, patroness of dentistry and those who suffer from toothache
  MugInfant CreeperKids T-shirt
Value T-shirtWomen's TTote Bag
February 9
National Bagels and Lox Day
  MugInfant CreeperKids T-shirt
Value T-shirtWomen's TTote Bag
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