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How to download, install, or email wallpapers (desktop background images)

To view a full-size wallpaper

Click on one of two resolutions (1024x768 pixels or 800x600 pixels) that best fits your screen. Images will open in a second window. (For subsequent images, you may need to look for that second window "underneath" this main window.) If the 1024x768-pixel image looks "jagged," don't worry, just use your browser's "zoom in image" tool to see the image in its original size. Click this to check your screen resoultion.

To use directly as wallpaper

Right-click the full-size image, and choose the "Set as (Desktop) Background" option

To email a wallpaper to friend

Right-click the full-size image, and follow your browser's instruction (usually this means clicking the "Send Image" option). This options works only if your email program has been configured to work from your browser. If not, or if you want to use Webmail, you need to download the image first.

To download and save a wallpaper image

Right-click the full-size image and follow your browser's instruction. (Normally this means clicking the "Save (Image) As" option.) If you are not sure what your friends' monitor resolutions are, you could also send them this Web page. Click your browser's menu>"File">"Send Page As".

All the email options suggested on this page do not require that you register with us, and do not require that you provide us with any email addresses. We do not ask for your email addresses and you do not have to worry about any spam problem from us.

Commercial wallpaper distributors

You may download the following zipped files, each containing one month of wallpapers in both 1024x768px and 800x600px sizes. While we retain our copyrights, we grant you the right to commercially distribute these images provided you do not obscure, and do not grant others any right to obscure, the "" logo within the images.

Zipped monthly files

      January (4.9MB)
      February (5.1MB)
      June (4.8MB)
      July (4.4MB)
      August (6.1MB)
      September (6.5MB)
      October (5.0MB)
      November (4.6MB)
      December (5.4MB)

Wallpapers for April Birthdays

You may download, email, display, and distribute these original wallpapers for personal or commercial purposes, without any payment to us, and without any registration with us, and you may place them on your Websites or computer screens, provided you do not obscure the "" logo at the lower-right corner.

These wallpapers were selected from our birthday gift designs. Come back often, as we will be adding wallpapers in the coming weeks. See more designs, 4-6 designs for every birthday, at our shop at

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